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New York City, United StatesPlease Explain: What is Litefeet?

Please Explain: What is Litefeet?

Words by Mike Steyels  If you live in New York and take the train like most people, then you've probably heard litefeet music before. When those dancers spill into...
Los Angeles, United StatesLIZ — “All Them Boys”
Music Video

LIZ — “All Them Boys”

LIZ pays homage to certain women in music in her video for "All Them Boys" with a number of wardrobe changes that bring the samples used in the track alive.
Toronto, CanadaNightbox — “Burning”
Music Video

Nightbox — “Burning”

Toronto's dance punk band Nightbox are feeling tribal in the video for “Burning.” A coterie of back-up dancers interprets the fiery passion and funky percussion of the...
Brooklyn, United StatesHonduras — “Ace”
Music Video

Honduras — “Ace”

Set to the gnarly post-punk jams of Brooklyn’s Honduras, a ragtag crew of young slackers catch a cab and wreak havoc all over New York City. By featuring scenes from...
New York City, United StatesMizan — “Anxious”
Music Video

Mizan — “Anxious”

Mizan seems to be immersed in serenity in her black-and-white video for “Anxious.” Her voice coupled with a calming accompaniment gently washes all worries away.