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Stockholm, SwedenGnucci — “WORK!”
Music Video

Gnucci — “WORK!”

It’s hard to tell whether Sweden’s Gnucci is playing Big Brother or a revolutionary in the fantastically quirky video for “WORK!” Her disembodied head barks orders at us...
Stockholm, SwedenElliphant — “Revolusion”
Music Video

Elliphant — “Revolusion”

Wildly guttural bass propels Elliphant’s “Revolusion.” Intense patterns and textures saturate each frame of the video and gives the dubstep-influenced song that much...
Stockholm, SwedenSweden’s Mapei Waits for No One

Sweden’s Mapei Waits for No One

Name: Mapei Where She's From: Born in Rhode Island, but living in Stockholm, Sweden When She Started: 2013 Genre: Pop, R&B, alt-R&B For Fans Of: Sza, Solange...
Stockholm, SwedenMarlene — “Stay Awake”
Music Video

Marlene — “Stay Awake”

Swedish singer Marlene walks the streets and the beach as she tells viewers why her beau makes her want to “Stay Awake.” The trap-influenced beat is moving under her...
Djura, SwedenKarin Park Makes Art Her Life

Karin Park Makes Art Her Life

Words by Laura Studarus As a child, Swedish singer-songwriter Karin Park made herself a promise — to never take a “normal” job. Having used music as a way to cope...
Djura, SwedenKarin Park — “Shine”
Music Video

Karin Park — “Shine”

Karin Park’s video “Shine” is filled with small details that will grab your attention. Old movie images of the future create a backdrop to make you wonder just how far...
Stockholm, SwedenSeinabo Sey — “Younger”
Music Video

Seinabo Sey — “Younger”

If Seinabo Sey’s soulful voice doesn’t offer up enough serenity for you, the Swedish singer’s video for “Younger” will certainly leave you feeling tranquil. Hike into...
Stockholm, SwedenHolograms — “Lay Us Down”
Music Video

Holograms — “Lay Us Down”

The Swedish band Holograms takes a quasi-religious approach in their video for “Lay Us Down.” The black-and-white cut examines symbols of death and the sublime for their...
Artist of the Week: Seinabo Sey

Artist of the Week: Seinabo Sey

A big shout to Swedish singer Seinabo Sey. The powerful voice of "Younger" was carried by her fans to Artist of the Week status in our reader poll. Listen to the young...
Stockholm, SwedenAvicii — “Addicted To You”
Music Video

Avicii — “Addicted To You”

Things go a little Bonnie & Clyde in Avicii’s video for “Addicted To You.” These two may be addicted to each other but it’s also evident that they are addicted to their...
Stockholm, Swedeniamamiwhoami — “Fountain”
Music Video

iamamiwhoami — “Fountain”

Zen might be the only way to describe the way iamamiwhoami’s video for “Fountain” makes you feel. Between the sound of ocean waves, calming scenery, and the relaxing...