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Artist of the Week: Kadija Kamara

Artist of the Week: Kadija Kamara

Vintage yet fresh soul sounds have won the day. A big round of applause to Kadija Kamara and to the fans who voted to make her Artist of the Week! The UK singer is...
Bristol, United KingdomEats Everything Fears Nothing

Eats Everything Fears Nothing

Eats Everything is the modern day Cinderella of house music. He was just a poor bloke on the government dole dreaming of being a princess (er, DJ) for many long years,...
The Best Videos of May 2013
Music Video

The Best Videos of May 2013

May brought us a some serious eye pleasers. From Empire Of The Sun's mystical land of human-animal hybrids to A K U A's sultry underwater kingdom, get enchanted by five...
London, United KingdomBarbarossa — “The Load”
Music Video

Barbarossa — “The Load”

A mustachioed red-head is the new face of R&B. No, seriously. London's Barbarossa bares his soul as well as his caramel vocals over the heavy organs and minimal beat of...
Essex, United KingdomJimpster — “Rollergirl”
Music Video

Jimpster — “Rollergirl”

British deep house producer Jimpster delivers a slow burn jam that zeros in on the territory between Kraftwerk and Moodyman. The surreal video is a throwback to 1980s...
London, United KingdomTawiah — “FACes”
Music Video

Tawiah — “FACes”

In "FACes," London's Tawiah soulfully breaks down the experience of travel. And it's not the type of vacation where you take a million photographs of important landmarks...
Brooklyn, United StatesStudio Secrets of Bonobo

Studio Secrets of Bonobo

Brooklyn-based British music producer Simon Green AKA Bonobo took us down to his studio and deconstructed his track “Cirrus,” from his new album The North Borders,...