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London, United KingdomWiley — “Flying”
Music Video

Wiley — “Flying”

Someone went H.A.M. with a bottle of white-out in the video for “Flying” by Wiley, the godfather of UK grime music. Meanwhile, Wiley goes H.A.M. over a grubby, dirty,...
London, United KingdomStill Corners — “Fireflies”
Music Video

Still Corners — “Fireflies”

London’s Still Corners get ethereal in the video for “Fireflies.” Inside their world, life is rosy, swimming pools are a welcome relief from the desert breeze, and...
London, United KingdomKaty B — “5 AM”
Music Video

Katy B — “5 AM”

London-based singer Katy B throws a sexy masquerade party in the video for “5 AM.” The track has traces of UK Funky, but is mostly just pop ear candy.
London, United KingdomDeeVS — “Atinga”
Music Video

DeeVS — “Atinga”

It only takes a second for "Atinga" to draw you in to its propulsive Afrobeats. The UK's DeeVS has got the formula to jump starting a party down to a science.
London, United KingdomRuby Goe — “A Light”
Music Video

Ruby Goe — “A Light”

The song “A Light” is about power sources and refractions. Ruby’s face is manipulated by futuristic digital glitches, mirroring the experimental distortions of her...
London, United KingdomNadine Shah — “Runaway”
Music Video

Nadine Shah — “Runaway”

Nadine Shah hails from the Northeast coast of England. Her song “Runaway” has echoes of PJ Harvey in its slightly angsty, empowering indie rock. The black-and-white...