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London, United KingdomCharli XCX — “Superlove”
Music Video

Charli XCX — “Superlove”

Anamanaguchi isn’t the only one feeling chiptune’s pop potential. In “Superlove” Charlie XCX adds her British bad girl punch to the song’s video game/anime tones. Watch...
London, United KingdomHervé’s New Lion EP Roars

Hervé’s New Lion EP Roars

The names Hervé, The Count, Voodoo Chilli, Dead Soul Brothers, Young Lovers, and Speaker Junk all sound like cults hidden deep-in-the-woods, right? In actuality, they...
Manchester, United KingdomThe 1975 — “Girls”
Music Video

The 1975 — “Girls”

English band The 1975 makes fun of conventional music videos in their new hit “Girls.” It has a fun pop rock melody perfect for a solitary dance party.
Essex, United KingdomNick Brewer — “Jail”
Music Video

Nick Brewer — “Jail”

UK rapper Nick Brewer has a lot to say in a short amount of time. His double-time flow fills “Jail” to the brim and his stylish looks occupy a vast garage space in the...
Stoke-on-Trent, United KingdomAshley Wallbridge Sets The Le7els

Ashley Wallbridge Sets The Le7els

Ashley Wallbridge's steadfast love of "fast-paced electronic music" has taken him from making beats in his small bedroom in Stoke-On-Trent, England, to playing them to...
Glasgow, United KingdomTurtle — “Who Knows”
Music Video

Turtle — “Who Knows”

Jon Cooper AKA Turtle’s new single “Who Knows” is an electro track with a mellow intro that sets the mood. Trippy and strangely sentimental, the visuals complement the...
London, United KingdomYadi — “Creatures”
Music Video

Yadi — “Creatures”

British-Algerian pop star YADi flaunts her creativity in the MV for “Creature.” She hits heavy, remarkable notes while making spiritual, erotic dance moves surrounded by...