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Brooklyn, United StatesSurf a Softer Wave with Habibi

Surf a Softer Wave with Habibi

Name: Habibi Where They’re From: With individual origins in Detroit and New York (via Puerto Rico), Habibi formed in Brooklyn When They Started:...
Chicago, United StatesKrewella — “Enjoy the Ride”
Music Video

Krewella — “Enjoy the Ride”

EDM trio Krewella chose the subconscious of a magical and adventurous young circus dancer as the setting for “Enjoy The Ride.” Once again, they prove that outcasts know...
Newark, United StatesPlease Explain: What is Jersey Club?

Please Explain: What is Jersey Club?

The exact origin is murky, but at some point in the last century Newark, New Jersey earned the nickname “Brick City.” It's likely the name came from the cherry-red...
New York City, United StatesThe Pierces — “Believe In Me”
Music Video

The Pierces — “Believe In Me”

Life got you spinning in circles? Sisters Allison and Catherine Pierce of The Pierces know exactly what you’re feeling. “Believe In Me” is inspirational pop that’ll have...
Washington D.C., United StatesDeleted Scenes — “Stutter”
Music Video

Deleted Scenes — “Stutter”

The video for Deleted Scenes’ “Stutter” follows an anxious, paranoid, and unsettled man (played by Dustin Diamond aka SCREECH!) as he visits the mechanic, does an...
The Best Music Videos of February 2014

The Best Music Videos of February 2014

This February, we are highlighting five of the most stunning visuals from across the globe, including our exclusive premiere of Iranian rapper Yas's “Sound of Unity”...
Los Angeles, United StatesSid Sriram — “Sagetron”
Music Video

Sid Sriram — “Sagetron”

The Bay Area’s Sid Sriram stands in the middle of some glorious landscapes in the MV for his future R&B jam “Sagetron.” Are you feeling as emo as we are after watching...