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Brooklyn, United StatesHonduras — “Ace”
Music Video

Honduras — “Ace”

Set to the gnarly post-punk jams of Brooklyn’s Honduras, a ragtag crew of young slackers catch a cab and wreak havoc all over New York City. By featuring scenes from...
New York City, United StatesMizan — “Anxious”
Music Video

Mizan — “Anxious”

Mizan seems to be immersed in serenity in her black-and-white video for “Anxious.” Her voice coupled with a calming accompaniment gently washes all worries away.
SZA Releases Debut Album, Z

SZA Releases Debut Album, Z

Top Dawg Entertainment's leading lady and glitter trap princess SZA dropped her highly anticipated debut this morning, titled Z. Her vocals remain as silky and...
New York City, United StatesKelis — “Rumble”
Music Video

Kelis — “Rumble”

Kelis isn’t looking for a fight in her video for “Rumble.” She discusses the push and pull of love while sitting in the middle of a lake. It might just be symbolic of...
Los Angeles, United StatesHundred Waters — “Cavity”
Music Video

Hundred Waters — “Cavity”

The silhouettes that populate the screen in “Cavity” are unsettling, especially when juxtaposed with the desert at night. Contributing to the disorientation is the...
We Love the ’90s: EDM Edition

We Love the ’90s: EDM Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you already know: the '90s are back. But are they better than ever? It’s safe to say some things,...