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Maplewood, United StatesSZA — “Ice Moon”
Music Video

SZA — “Ice Moon”

R&B singer SZA brings us into a lush fairytale land in her video “Ice Moon.” Her slow-jam vocals enhance the track’s magic spell.
Maplewood, United StatesSZA — “Teen Spirit”
Music Video

SZA — “Teen Spirit”

Lustrous-haired crush object SZA is having a pants-optional house party for one in the video for “Teen Spirit.” Her voice floats over the gloomy fete with longing and...
Portland, United StatesBattleme — “Just Weight”
Music Video

Battleme — “Just Weight”

Lots of fictional accounts of the end of the world depict chaos, crime, and general lawlessness. Not so in Battleme’s “Just Weight.” When you’ve got good friends,...
Los Angeles, United StatesAfrobots — “Los Angeles”
Music Video

Afrobots — “Los Angeles”

Afrobots shows us a nefarious side of "Los Angeles" in his new video. It opens with a nightscape of the City of Angels paired with an electroclash/tropical ghetto tech...