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Nottingham, United KingdomAmber Run — “Spark”
Music Video

Amber Run — “Spark”

The video for Amber Run’s “Spark” follows a young boy as he wanders around with a giant cardboard robot. The song’s charming melody reaches a high-intensity climax as...
London, United KingdomCalvin Harris — “Summer”
Music Video

Calvin Harris — “Summer”

Calvin Harris lets us know what gets his heart racing in his video for “Summer.” And no, it’s not the heat. It’s beautiful women and his need for speed.
Dublin, IrelandDarling — “Sail Away”
Music Video

Darling — “Sail Away”

The Irish duo Darling present a video about resilience and accepting the help of others for their song “Sail Away.” The subtle, uplifting vocals and robust guitar riffs...
London, United KingdomKaty B — “Still”
Music Video

Katy B — “Still”

Katy B’s hair is a fiery reminder of lost love in the video for “Still.” As she stands surrounded by icy reminders of her loneliness, the UK singer belts out a timeless...
London, United KingdomFoxes — “Holding Onto Heaven”
Music Video

Foxes — “Holding Onto Heaven”

Can heaven really compare to the love that’s found on earth? In “Holding Onto Heaven,” Foxes finds herself in a topsy-turvy sock hop where she’s determined not to let go...
London, United KingdomLabyrinth Ear — “Urchin”
Music Video

Labyrinth Ear — “Urchin”

UK group Labyrinth ear describes themselves as “fantasia pop.” “Urchin” is a whimsical look at lost youth. Soft vocals and unsettling synths accompany a wind-blown...
Rotterdam, NetherlandsSevdaliza — “Clear Air”
Music Video

Sevdaliza — “Clear Air”

Straight out of Holland, Sevdaliza gets tribal in the video for “Clear Air.” The captivating synth stabs, melodic coos, and rump-shaking percussion of the track gives...
London, United KingdomDeLooze — “Deathstar”
Music Video

DeLooze — “Deathstar”

A feeling of longing is presented in DeLooze’s video for “Deathstar.” With a sound reminiscent of Kate Bush and the look of your favorite scene from Game of Thrones,...
London, United KingdomJoel Compass — “Forgive Me”
Music Video

Joel Compass — “Forgive Me”

In the video for “Forgive Me,” London’s Joel compass stands in the middle of a circle of supporting musicians and artful neon lights. The combo adds to the drama of the...
Paris, FranceRituel — “Nirvana Dance”
Music Video

Rituel — “Nirvana Dance”

Who knew cricket was so intense? The electro house duo from France, Rituel, shows how intense it can be in their South Asian culture-inspired video for “Nirvana Dance.”...
We Love the ’90s: EDM Edition

We Love the ’90s: EDM Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you already know: the '90s are back. But are they better than ever? It’s safe to say some things,...
Breda, NetherlandsTiesto — “Red Lights”
Music Video

Tiesto — “Red Lights”

Two pretty lady friends take a few epic joy rides in Tiësto’s video for “Red Lights.” Final destination: rocking out with Tiësto himself—the ultimate electronic dance...