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London, United KingdomLabyrinth Ear — “Urchin”
Music Video

Labyrinth Ear — “Urchin”

UK group Labyrinth ear describes themselves as “fantasia pop.” “Urchin” is a whimsical look at lost youth. Soft vocals and unsettling synths accompany a wind-blown...
Rotterdam, NetherlandsSevdaliza — “Clear Air”
Music Video

Sevdaliza — “Clear Air”

Straight out of Holland, Sevdaliza gets tribal in the video for “Clear Air.” The captivating synth stabs, melodic coos, and rump-shaking percussion of the track gives...
London, United KingdomDeLooze — “Deathstar”
Music Video

DeLooze — “Deathstar”

A feeling of longing is presented in DeLooze’s video for “Deathstar.” With a sound reminiscent of Kate Bush and the look of your favorite scene from Game of Thrones,...
London, United KingdomJoel Compass — “Forgive Me”
Music Video

Joel Compass — “Forgive Me”

In the video for “Forgive Me,” London’s Joel compass stands in the middle of a circle of supporting musicians and artful neon lights. The combo adds to the drama of the...
Paris, FranceRituel — “Nirvana Dance”
Music Video

Rituel — “Nirvana Dance”

Who knew cricket was so intense? The electro house duo from France, Rituel, shows how intense it can be in their South Asian culture-inspired video for “Nirvana Dance.”...
We Love the ’90s: EDM Edition

We Love the ’90s: EDM Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you already know: the '90s are back. But are they better than ever? It’s safe to say some things,...
Breda, NetherlandsTiesto — “Red Lights”
Music Video

Tiesto — “Red Lights”

Two pretty lady friends take a few epic joy rides in Tiësto’s video for “Red Lights.” Final destination: rocking out with Tiësto himself—the ultimate electronic dance...
Londonderry, United KingdomSoak — “Blud”
Music Video

Soak — “Blud”

Irish singer-songwriter Soak has one of those comforting voices that makes you feel right at home. The video for “Blud” immerses you in her emotionally-rich world and...
London, United KingdomKate Nash — “Sister”
Music Video

Kate Nash — “Sister”

British alt rocker Kate Nash is alternately sweet and scathing in “Sister.” A tribute to highs and lows of female bonding, try not to fall in love with this jam.