Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Seoul, South Korea

B-Sides Episode 9: Bye Bye Badman

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Bye Bye Badman (바이 바이 배드맨)

Members: Jung Bong Gil (vocals), Kwak Minhyuk (guitar), Lee Ruri (bass), Go Hyungsuk (keyboard), Jung Hansol (drums)

It all started with a few impromptu jam sessions between neighborhood friends, soon becoming a real and regular thing as their focus shifted from preparing to enter college as applied music majors to realizing that “hey, we’re actually pretty good together.” Soon enough, frontman Jung Bong Gil gave the team an official name, after a famous Stone Roses song, and Bye Bye Badman was born. These five young musicians, now all in their early 20s, bring in many elements of England’s music style of the 90s, which explains why music lovers call the band a Korean incarnation of British rock n’ roll and Brit-pop. The danceable “She Don’t Know” was their first taste of success, as buzz around Bye Bye Badman’s live performances in Hongdae clubs and cafes spread through word of mouth. In November 2011, the band released their first full-length album, Light Beside You and finished out the year with a handful of Rookie of the Year honors and festival appearances.