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Best New Hip-Hop

Music Video

Our “Best of Hip-Hop” list is an eclectic mix that spans Helsinki to Melbourne. First up is Vic Mensa’s “Down on My Luck,” a video that mixes house and hip hop in to a trippy dance anthem about trying things over again. From there we have Raury’s video for “God’s Whisper”, a track that succumbs to no genre, but embraces many in a message of youthful hope. Moving out of the States we head over to Helsinki for Biniyam’s “1ne” video, an addictive single that even includes sword fighting and African shields. Then we have Canadian rapper Jerzee with “Give You More,” an upbeat tune that with references to a “swag store”. Our list wraps up with L-FRESH the LION featuring MK-I on “Survive,” a hit from down under that juxtaposes the rapper’s rhymes with piano accompaniment and a beautifully sung chorus.