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Punjab, Pakistan

Arif Lohar Takes Manhattan: How One Punjabi Folk Star Conquered the L.E.S.


In a trippy, one-of-a-kind, pop-up performance experience, MTV Iggy invited celebrated Pakistani singer Arif Lohar to NYC’s gritty underbelly, the Lower East Side (L.E.S.). Ultra-cool hipster hair bar Fringe set the tone as the intimate backdrop while Lohar and friends, including dancers, musicians and die-hard fans from all over the city, jammed out to a few traditional Sufi tunes, hard-hitting percussion, bhangra beats and the like. Rockin’, classic and yet super “now”, Lohar’s visit gave tastemakers a new look at the “old world”, and even encouraged quite a few of them to learn to play the chimta directly from the master.

Check out this special preview from the MTV Iggy Live: Arif Lohar performance (above) and some wicked photos captured straight from the set, here!

And don’t forget to check back on May 7th for the full Arif Lohar performance playlist, interview and a slideshow of the most memorable moments.