Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Stockholm, SwedenElliphant — “Revolusion”
Music Video

Elliphant -- "Revolusion"

Wildly guttural bass propels Elliphant’s “Revolusion.” Intense patterns and textures saturate each frame of the video and gives the dubstep-influenced song that much more bounce to the ounce.
London, United KingdomKaty B — “Still”
Music Video

Katy B -- "Still"

Katy B’s hair is a fiery reminder of lost love in the video for “Still.” As she stands surrounded by icy reminders of her loneliness, the UK singer belts out a timeless ballad.
London, United KingdomFoxes — “Holding Onto Heaven”
Music Video

Foxes — “Holding Onto Heaven”

Can heaven really compare to the love that’s found on earth? In “Holding Onto Heaven,” Foxes finds herself in a topsy-turvy sock hop where she’s determined not to let go of her dreams.
Los Angeles, United StatesMr Little Jeans — “Good Mistake”
Music Video

Mr Little Jeans — “Good Mistake”

There’s nothing erroneous about Mr. Little Jeans’ “Good Mistake.” The Norwegian electropop singer is a haunting figment of a trucker’s imagination in the video, but that might just be an excuse for her to show off some of her slithery dance moves.
London, United KingdomLabyrinth Ear — “Urchin”
Music Video

Labyrinth Ear — “Urchin”

UK group Labyrinth ear describes themselves as “fantasia pop.” “Urchin” is a whimsical look at lost youth. Soft vocals and unsettling synths accompany a wind-blown series of scenes that are more about emotions than plot continuity.
Helsinki, FinlandBiniyam — “1ne”
Music Video

Biniyam — “1ne”

There’s just no one like Biniyam. Not just the fact that he’s a German-Ethiopian rapper based in Finland. I mean, there’s that. But in the video for “1ne” he’s casually flaunting samurai swords, dance-fighting with African shields, and spitting rhymes...
Rotterdam, NetherlandsSevdaliza — “Clear Air”
Music Video

Sevdaliza — “Clear Air”

Straight out of Holland, Sevdaliza gets tribal in the video for “Clear Air.” The captivating synth stabs, melodic coos, and rump-shaking percussion of the track gives this colorful clash of clans an air of grandeur.
Brooklyn, United StatesHonduras — “Ace”
Music Video

Honduras — “Ace”

Set to the gnarly post-punk jams of Brooklyn’s Honduras, a ragtag crew of young slackers catch a cab and wreak havoc all over New York City. By featuring scenes from landmark neighborhoods like Chinatown and Coney Island, this wild romp also doubles as...
Accra, GhanaE.L — “Ayayya”
Music Video

E.L — “Ayayya”

From its thrilling beginning, you know E.L has something special in store with the video for “AYAYAA.” The Afropop song is a standalone banger, but as the background to secret agent shenanigans, it reaches epic levels. Beware femme fatales with eyes for...
London, United KingdomRita Ora — “I Will Never Let You Down”
Music Video

Rita Ora — “I Will Never Let You Down”

Summer is getting nearer and nearer and pop stars are starting to roll out their finest. They are all dying to put out that song that’s ubiquitous at every barbecue, festival, and hazy Sunday afternoon. All of Rita Ora’s competitors must be scrambling,...