Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Moscow, RussiaDasha Luks’s Art Pop Melts Hearts

Dasha Luks's Art Pop Melts Hearts

With chilly synths and cool beats Dasha Luks is making the sound of a new Russia. The singer-songwriter pours her mercurial soul into club friendly electropop and she's aiming for the charts. Watch the MTV Iggy original music video for her wistful song...
Brooklyn, United StatesDive into AVAN LAVA’s Weird-Ass Dreams

Dive into AVAN LAVA’s Weird-Ass Dreams

AVAN LAVA – pronounced a-VAHN la-VA – is annihilating Brooklyn dance floors with their spandex-flavored, Prince-style electro-pop. Turns out, they’re just as batshit off-stage, so we let them go to town on our office and basically destroy stuff. And...
EDM Madness: The Men Behind The Movement

EDM Madness: The Men Behind The Movement

Electronic dance music has taken over the planet. After enjoying decades of fame in Europe, house and dubstep DJs are finally exploding in the rest of the world. We talked to some of the biggest names in electronic music while they relish in this upward...
Groningen, NetherlandsThe Quiet Side of Noisia

The Quiet Side of Noisia

Dutch electronic trio Noisia has had a prominent decade-long career, spanning countless singles, three albums, every dance genre under the sun, and of course, some humbling experiences along the way. We spoke with two members of Noisia about the origin...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 10: GoGo Star
b sides

B-Sides Episode 10: GoGo Star

GoGo Star (고고스타) Members: Lee Tae Sun (vocals, synth, guitar), Kim Sun Ah (bass, sub-vocals), Ali (drums), Lee Yeon Seok (DJ, FX) Disco punk rockers GoGo Star have been called everything from circus to carnival to goth, but the inspiration behind...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 9: Bye Bye Badman
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B-Sides Episode 9: Bye Bye Badman

Bye Bye Badman (바이 바이 배드맨) Members: Jung Bong Gil (vocals), Kwak Minhyuk (guitar), Lee Ruri (bass), Go Hyungsuk (keyboard), Jung Hansol (drums) It all started with a few impromptu jam sessions between neighborhood friends, soon becoming a real and...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 8: Super Kidd
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B-Sides Episode 8: Super Kidd

Super Kidd (슈퍼키드) Members: HerCheck (vocals), Seber (guitar), Heavy Potter (bass), Shukaka (drums) Super Kidd is the working man’s superhero in the form of crazy, energetic fun to help relieve the everyday stresses of life. Formed in 2005, Super...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 7: Urban Zakapa
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B-Sides Episode 7: Urban Zakapa

Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) Members: Kwon Soon-il, Jo Hyuna, Park Yongin Zappy. Kaleidoscopic. Passionate. One of Korea’s representative R&B groups, Urban Zakapa specializes in a smooth jazz and acoustic soul -- brought to life by three distinct voice...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 6: Story Seller
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B-Sides Episode 6: Story Seller

Story Seller (스토리셀러) Members: Binna (vocals), Hobak (bass), Eunyoung (guitar), Jihae (drums) As Korean indie bands get more attention both at home and overseas, the competition gets more cutthroat and the listeners more critical and unforgiving....
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 4: THE KOXX
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B-Sides Episode 4: THE KOXX

THE KOXX (더 칵스) Members: Lee Hyunsong (guitar, vocals), Lee Sooryun (guitar), Park Sunbin (bassist), Shin Saron (drums), Shaun (synthesizer, keyboard) THE KOXX are changing the face of Korean music. The quintet’s unabashed partying, punk rock, and...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 3: Yellow Monsters
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B-Sides Episode 3: Yellow Monsters

Yellow Monsters (옐로우몬스터즈) Members: Lee Yongwon (guitar, vocals), Han Jinyoung (bass), Choi Jaehyuk (drums) Yellow Monsters, a newly-formed trio of punk rock heroes with extensive experience in the Korean rock scene, have spent the last two years...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides Episode 2: Crying Nut
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B-Sides Episode 2: Crying Nut

Crying Nut (크라잉넛) Members: Park Yoonsik (vocals/guitar), Han Kyungrok (vocals/bass), Lee Sangmyun (guitar), Lee Sanghyuk (drums), Kim Insoo (accordion/keyboard) Meet Korea’s best-selling indie band of all time. With six critically-acclaimed...