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Seoul, South KoreaJay Park: A New Breed of Idol

Jay Park: A New Breed of Idol

Amidst the sea of K-pop idol groups, Jay Park has risen in the ranks as a multi-entertainer -- singing, rapping, dancing, and producing his way to the top of the charts. During his stay in New York City for Verizon’s APAHM Tour, the Korean-American R&B...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides: THE KOXX (Interview)

B-Sides: THE KOXX (Interview)

THE KOXX have brought their take on electro-garage -- frenetic, high energy dance rock anthems with bewitching melodies and solid New Wave aesthetics -- to Korea’s indie scene, and they’ve been bombarded with love and buzz ever since the release of...
Sydney, AustraliaJulia Stone Shares Her Secrets

Julia Stone Shares Her Secrets

Just like her fragile songs, Julia Stone confides in us like we're the only people in the world. Warmed by the rays of the setting sun, Julia laughed about loving her brother, embarking on separate projects, and the roots of her songwriting.
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides: Yellow Monsters (Interview)

B-Sides: Yellow Monsters (Interview)

April 16, 2010. The fateful day when Lee Yongwon of GumX, Han Jinyoung of My Aunt Mary, and Choi Jaehyuk of DeliSpice met for the first time and decide to form the Yellow Monsters. Fast forward two years: originally a project group, this award-winning...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides: Crying Nut (Interview)

B-Sides: Crying Nut (Interview)

With six critically-acclaimed bestselling albums, Crying Nut has become the walking success story for Korean rock. Introducing a new genre of punk with Korean sensibilities, dubbed Chosun punk, they’ve become Korea’s most famous and best-selling indie...
Quebec, CanadaStory Time With Mark Sultan

Story Time With Mark Sultan

Get ready for details of graphic injuries! In this exclusive Story Time, Canadian singer Mark Sultan imparts a somewhat cautionary tale – but mostly an amusing one – about a treacherous dive he took on a swing while under the influence. Can't get...
Seoul, South KoreaB-Sides: The RockTigers (Interview)

B-Sides: The RockTigers (Interview)

MTV K’s new indie spotlight series, B-Sides, kicks off with the RockTigers, pioneers of the Rockabilly revival movement in Korea. Watch as they get settled into a decades-old barbershop to talk about their humble beginnings and their dreams of reaching...
Johannesburg, South AfricaSpoek Mathambo Speaks Of Change

Spoek Mathambo Speaks Of Change

Afro-futurist Spoek Mathambo took over NYC’s West Village with a raging storefront performance that left bystanders both stunned and wanting more. After the show, we sat down with Sub Pop's rising star to hear his thoughts on what makes South Africa’s...
Johannesburg, South AfricaStory Time With Spoek Mathambo

Story Time With Spoek Mathambo

In the first installment of our MTV Iggy Story Time series, Johannesburg's Spoek Mathambo explains how a call to an extended family member changed his entire production style. Hear all about grandma Spoek’s rap skills in this heartfelt tale.
London, United KingdomUK Hitmaker Example Gets Us Raving

UK Hitmaker Example Gets Us Raving

Elliot Gleaves’ electronic club anthems have spent 2011 hitting number one across Europe, and he’s coming for America next. It’s a good thing the electronic dance singer and rapper has a plan...or not. He told us he’s just going to be himself – an...