Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Nottingham, United KingdomAmber Run — “Spark”
Music Video

Amber Run -- "Spark"

The video for Amber Run’s “Spark” follows a young boy as he wanders around with a giant cardboard robot. The song’s charming melody reaches a high-intensity climax as the boy has to choose between his imagination and reality.
Stockholm, SwedenGnucci — “WORK!”
Music Video

Gnucci — “WORK!”

It’s hard to tell whether Sweden’s Gnucci is playing Big Brother or a revolutionary in the fantastically quirky video for “WORK!” Her disembodied head barks orders at us over a seductive bass-driven beat. Is this a sly comment on her experience in the...
London, United KingdomCalvin Harris — “Summer”
Music Video

Calvin Harris — “Summer”

Calvin Harris lets us know what gets his heart racing in his video for “Summer.” And no, it’s not the heat. It’s beautiful women and his need for speed.
Dublin, IrelandDarling — “Sail Away”
Music Video

Darling — “Sail Away”

The Irish duo Darling present a video about resilience and accepting the help of others for their song “Sail Away.” The subtle, uplifting vocals and robust guitar riffs add to the meaning of the clip.
Stockholm, SwedenElliphant — “Revolusion”
Music Video

Elliphant — “Revolusion”

Wildly guttural bass propels Elliphant’s “Revolusion.” Intense patterns and textures saturate each frame of the video and gives the dubstep-influenced song that much more bounce to the ounce.
London, United KingdomKaty B — “Still”
Music Video

Katy B — “Still”

Katy B’s hair is a fiery reminder of lost love in the video for “Still.” As she stands surrounded by icy reminders of her loneliness, the UK singer belts out a timeless ballad.
London, United KingdomFoxes — “Holding Onto Heaven”
Music Video

Foxes — “Holding Onto Heaven”

Can heaven really compare to the love that’s found on earth? In “Holding Onto Heaven,” Foxes finds herself in a topsy-turvy sock hop where she’s determined not to let go of her dreams.
Los Angeles, United StatesMr Little Jeans — “Good Mistake”
Music Video

Mr Little Jeans — “Good Mistake”

There’s nothing erroneous about Mr. Little Jeans’ “Good Mistake.” The Norwegian electropop singer is a haunting figment of a trucker’s imagination in the video, but that might just be an excuse for her to show off some of her slithery dance moves.