Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
London, United KingdomPixel Fist — “XTC”
Music Video

Pixel Fist -- "XTC"

There’s a new gang of bass hooligans on Benga’s Benga Beats label. Watch UK quartet Pixel Fist pull a fast one in the video for their twenty-ton dubstep track “XTC”, from their In Estate EP, and look out for a very special cameo at the end.
New York City, United StatesKool A.D. — “Moneyball”
Music Video

Kool A.D. — “Moneyball”

Let's give Mike Finito all of the beat-making jobs. Post-Das Racist Kool A.D. wrote and performed the raps on "Moneyball", but Finito's vertigo-inducing production its the star. The key phrase at the beginning of Kool A.D.'s free association riff...
London, United KingdomTawiah — “TEARdrop”
Music Video

Tawiah — “TEARdrop”

Tawiah is a hot UK soul singer on the rise. Her powerful and partly cloudy voice on “TEARdrop” off her upcoming FREEdom Drop EP should silence any questions about why. Take a ride with her and just listen.
New York City, United StatesFamily Band — “Lace”
Music Video

Family Band — “Lace”

The song “Lace,” from Family Band’s album Grace & Lies, is a scary, brooding hunk of post-punk. Spoiler Alert: All the close-ups on eyes in this New York band’s video only make it sound creepier.
Dublin, IrelandLittle Green Cars — “Harper Lee”
Music Video

Little Green Cars — “Harper Lee”

Little Green Cars, an Irish folk pop quintet, brings out the good in going crazy with “Harper Lee,” a single from Absolute Zero. A spattering of acoustic guitar strums along with soaring harmonies and an insanely (pun intended) catchy hook grow to a...
Glasgow, United KingdomSoosh — “Uncertain”
Music Video

Soosh — “Uncertain”

Soosh, a Glasgow-based post-dubstep producer, approaches “Uncertain” like a house of cards. The Glasgow-based post-dubstep producer’s chilling electro chords build slowly as equally ethereal vocals coat the cloudy day imagery, leaving us waiting in...
Kingston, JamaicaMavado — “Take It”
Music Video

Mavado — “Take It”

Mavado smears passion on a liberal piece of paradise in “Take It.” The Jamaican dancehall don gallivants around a lavish beachside mansion, showing off his wealth and his gorgeous duet partner Karian Sang. The two engage in a cat and mouse lovers’ chase...
Stockholm, SwedenKate Boy — “In Your Eyes”
Music Video

Kate Boy — “In Your Eyes”

Kate Boy, an Australian-Swedish electro pop quartet, is back in black…and white. The video for “In Your Eyes” from Northern Lights is simplicity at its best: a repetitive chorus layered over pounding drums and a little bit of electro pairs with an artsy...
Manchester, United KingdomJosephine — “Portrait”
Music Video

Josephine — “Portrait”

Manchester’s Josephine suits up and strips down in “Portrait,” the title track from her debut album. The Liberian and Jamaican folk soul queen evokes old Hollywood glamour complete with a golden gown and winged eyeliner, but her rich contralto is the...