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Eatliz — “Miserable”
Music Video

Eatliz -- "Miserable"

“Miserable” by Tel Aviv-based band Eatliz sounds like it should be filed under alt-rock instead of indie rock, although those distinctions are pretty arbitrary. The video is abstract, but a brief glimpse of a little girl makes it seem like there might...
London, United KingdomThe Flight — “Dark Corners”
Music Video

The Flight -- "Dark Corners"

The Hangman EP by UK band The Flight plays out like a Victorian-era episode of CSI. Watch the video for “Dark Corners” and you’ll know what we’re talking about.
Montreal, CanadaKAYTRANADA — “At All”
Music Video


KAYTRANADA spends a pleasant day with some female body-builders in “At All.” He’s a monster in the studio, so don’t let these ladies’ feats of strength distract you from the layered funk of this instrumental.
Auckland, New ZealandThe Naked and Famous — “I Kill Giants”
Music Video

The Naked and Famous — “I Kill Giants”

New Zealand rock band The Naked & Famous latest hit "I Kill Giants" has a very special story behind it. It’s about band member Alisa Xayalith losing her mother to breast cancer when she was a young girl. The video features two ballerinas performing in a...
Brooklyn, United StatesSt. Lucia — “Elevate”
Music Video

St. Lucia — “Elevate”

Brooklyn-based band St. Lucia bring us "Elevate" to brighten up our mood and celebrate a special place for them. The track, which is reminiscent of 80’s pop acts like Men At Work, Billy Ocean, or Peter Gabriel, celebrates Brooklyn’s rich youth culture...
New York City, United StatesMGMT — “Alien Days”
Music Video

MGMT — “Alien Days”

Rock band MGMT takes us on a time machine ride to prairie times in their new video "Alien Days." Or is that what’s going on? Don’t be tempted to turn the video off early. The song is heavy fuzz rock that’ll make you want to sway along to its dazed...
Iiris — “Tigerhead”
Music Video

Iiris — “Tigerhead”

Estonian singer Iiris new single "Tigerhead" makes indie pop feel fresh again. Could it be her bedroom full of soft pink flowers and teacups full of glitter that are making us feel so luxuriant and new?
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 — “Missing You”
Music Video

2NE1 — “Missing You”

Fierce idol quartet 2NE1 moves away from their usual energetic style with their wintry single "Missing You." Piano melodies and emotional lyrics about giving in to the feeling of missing someone are complimented perfectly by the picturesque MV.
Sydney, AustraliaThe Jezabels — “The End”
Music Video

The Jezabels — “The End”

Have you ever had a moment where you weren’t sure whether you were living your last moments on earth or not? On their sophomore album Australian rock group The Jezabels have given us “The End.” The video tells a story of theft and romance.
London, United KingdomJake Bugg — “What Doesn’t Kill You”
Music Video

Jake Bugg — “What Doesn’t Kill You”

UK indie rocker Jake Bugg is growing up right on schedule. “What Doesn’t Kill You” has aspirations for grittiness (evidenced in the pre-video interview snippet), but can’t help but fall short of tough and land squarely as classic, dreamy, teen-scream...
London, United KingdomAyah Marar — “Beg Borrow Steal”
Music Video

Ayah Marar — “Beg Borrow Steal”

Ayah Marar slips father away from London’s drum and bass underground and into pop superstardom with “Beg Borrow Steal.” For the video, she delivers an emotion-filled ballad that glorifies LA’s normal folk.