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Detroit, United StatesDanny Brown — “25 Bucks” f/ Purity Ring
Music Video

Danny Brown -- "25 Bucks" f/ Purity Ring

There are some cultures that believe photographs capture a part of your soul. Danny Brown and Purity Ring ramble around a house frozen in time in the video for “25 Bucks.” Lyrically, they try to capture the difficult realities experienced by the people...
London, United KingdomTOY — “As We Turn”
Music Video

TOY — “As We Turn”

The band members of TOY reveal the depth of their film knowledge in the video for "As We Turn," which draws on work from directors Ellen Bute, Henri Georges-Clouzot, and John Whitney. The spinning effect is a result of a 19th century kaleidoscopic slide...
Adelaide, AustraliaSia — “Chandelier”
Music Video

Sia — “Chandelier”

Maddie Ziegler, from the Lifetime TV series Dance Moms, shows off her talent in Sia’s hit music video for “Chandelier.” Her platinum blonde wig and vivacious moves are in sync with the Australian singer’s emotional wails, but contrast with the starkness...
Los Angeles, United StatesSkrillex — “Ragga Bomb” f/ Ragga Twins
Music Video

Skrillex — “Ragga Bomb” f/ Ragga Twins

EDM and jungle blend perfectly in Skrillex’s video for “Ragga Bomb” featuring the Ragga Twins. Two post-apocalyptic tribes do not blend perfectly in the dystopic video, where light saber-wielding warriors do battle.
San Juan, Puerto RicoAJ Davila — “Dura Como Piedra”
Music Video

AJ Davila — “Dura Como Piedra”

AJ Davila’s “Dura Como Piedra Descargar” featuring Selma Oxor incites the type of writhing featured in the video. The grungy punk rockers feature a few obscure ways to express themselves.
Sydney, AustraliaBoy & Bear — “Bridges”
Music Video

Boy & Bear — “Bridges”

Feeling cramped in your abode? Well, Boy & Bear’s video for “Bridges” might make your place seem much more spacious. The band’s soothing rock might temper the claustrophobia you might feel watching them chill in their surroundings before deciding to...
Johannesburg, South AfricaCrashCarBurn — “Keep Walking” f/ Kwesta
Music Video

CrashCarBurn — “Keep Walking” f/ Kwesta

“Build your momentum, sustain your energy, or risk be overtaken” is the message behind CrashCarBurn’s “Keep Waking” featuring Kwesta. Heartfelt words against grungy, electronic rock make the song and video intensely powerful.