Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Vienna, AustriaGODS — “Sisters”
Music Video

GODS -- "Sisters"

Electro music lovers, are you ready to slow the pace down? GODS debuts with their new single “Sisters” and a video directed by Elias Stabentheiner & Ba Chang. The video features two women getting close in the dark. Or "sisters blow smoke in dusky air...
Los Angeles, United StatesDoorly — “Rush” f/ Soraya Vivian
Music Video

Doorly — “Rush” f/ Soraya Vivian

LA-based Briton Doorly track “Rush” is a welcome re-invention of driven vocal house music. The video features the party lifestyle, raves, and flashing lights of the house music world. As pop influenced vocalist Soraya Vivian sings “it’s not just the...
New York City, United StatesTECLA — “Wake Up”
Music Video

TECLA — “Wake Up”

TECLA’s latest video, “Wake Up” was shot in her own backyard. The video features a fun and colorful party vibe. All types of characters connect with her pop single as they dance around and drink merrily.
London, United KingdomFoxes — “Youth”
Music Video

Foxes — “Youth”

Have you ever been to the circus? British singer Foxes shows you its possibilities in the fun video for “Youth.” Everyone’s invited, whether they’re young in age or young at heart.
Istanbul, TurkeymaNga — “Fly To Stay Alive”
Music Video

maNga — “Fly To Stay Alive”

Turkish nu-metal band maNga takes viewers into a dark fantasy land in their new video for “Fly To Stay Alive.” The video features some athletic ladies in precarious positions we hope were generated using special effects. Ring the alarm.
New York City, United StatesCults — “High Road”
Music Video

Cults — “High Road”

Watching the video for “High Road” by New York-based indie pop band Cults is like stepping into The Twilight Zone: everything is in black-and-white, there are disorienting transitions, and objects don’t makes a lot of sense unless they're taken as a...
Berlin, GermanyBoy — “Oh Boy”
Music Video

Boy — “Oh Boy”

The Swiss-German indie pop singers of Boy look to early surrealist cinema, like the movie Un Chien Andalou, for the inspiration for the video “Oh Boy.” The upbeat track is framed by succulents, body contortions, pottery, and a fiber-rich dinner.
London, United KingdomLea Lea — “Apartheid”
Music Video

Lea Lea — “Apartheid”

UK singer/rapper Lea Lea resists the notion that systematic racism is a thing of the past and addresses that fact in “Apartheid.” A heavy hip-hop beat backs her on the track, but in the video, she has a punk rock look and a live bass player and drummer...
Johannesburg, South AfricaKONGOS — “I’m Only Joking”
Music Video

KONGOS — “I’m Only Joking”

South African rock band KONGOS brings a cool spin on African tribal music on their new single “I’m Only Joking.” The rising drum beat in the intro is instantly uplifting touch but instead of moving into the land of Muse’s classic alternative rock,...