Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Fremantle, AustraliaSan Cisco — “Fred Astaire”
Music Video

San Cisco -- "Fred Astaire"

San Cisco, an Australian indie pop quartet, dances (and of course, sings) with the stars in “Fred Astaire” from their Awkward EP. A sock hoppy dance hall is filled with big band, new wave sound – classic guitar and heavy percussion sprinkled with synth...
Worcester, United KingdomPeace — “Follow Baby”
Music Video

Peace — “Follow Baby”

Peace turns a living room inside out and upside down in “Follow Baby,” a single from their debut album In Love. The UK indie rock outfit effortlessly merges retro grunge and modern day glam with heavy, hulky electro guitar, operatic vocals on the dreamy...
Lowestoft, United KingdomThe Darkness — “With A Woman”
Music Video

The Darkness — “With A Woman”

Someone’s getting extra credit. The Darkness, UK glam rock gods, surges to the top of the class in “With a Woman” from Hot Cakes, their third studio album. A teeny bopper’s hots for his smokin’ substitute teacher is illustrated with surging chords,...
Bradford, United KingdomHourglass Sea — “Dream Girl”
Music Video

Hourglass Sea — “Dream Girl”

The UK producer Hourglass Sea pulls a video straight from humanity’s universal subconscious for “Dream Girl.” The song’s maximalist, skittish beats pound along to the video’s funny, shame-inducing scenes.
London, United KingdomThe Vaccines — “Bad Mood”
Music Video

The Vaccines — “Bad Mood”

The Vaccines are in a “Bad Mood.” But despite the title, the English indie folk quartet seems to be having a swell time with furious strains of guitar, guttural lyrics and some safe, clean fun at a county fair.
Santiago, ChileKali Mutsa — “El Jardin”
Music Video

Kali Mutsa — “El Jardin”

Kali Mutsa, a Chilean gypsy songstress, plays with plants in “El Jardin.” Teasing vocals and surprise string elements accompany the mystery of dancing greenery, face painted dancers and indigenous insects.
Seoul, South KoreaYankie — “I.N.D.O feat. Tablo”
Music Video

Yankie — “I.N.D.O feat. Tablo”

Following Dynamic Duo member GAEKO’s “Rhythm is Life” single, hip hop label Amoeba Culture presents the second single in the NOWorkend series, “I.N.D.O.” Also the title track for Yankie’s upcoming mini album Yankie Proverbs Chapter 1, “I.N.D.O” features...
Versailles, FrancePhoenix — “Entertainment”
Music Video

Phoenix — “Entertainment”

Phoenix, French alt-rock Grammy winners, creates postcard propaganda in “Entertainment” from their April release Bankrupt!. Though there’s a mashup of several Korean storylines – a children’s chorus practice, army footage and an underworld bloody...
Kingston, JamaicaJo Mersa — “Comfortable”
Music Video

Jo Mersa — “Comfortable”

We wish we were there. Handsome Jo Mersa, a Miami-based Marley offspring, indulges in the three b’s in “Comfortable” from Set Up Shop, Volume 1. A mouth-watering barbecue at the park, a little bit of action on the beach and of course, a bevy of...
Seoul, South KoreaZion.T — “Two Melodies ft. Crush”
Music Video

Zion.T — “Two Melodies ft. Crush”

His first solo track since debuting with "Click Me," vocalist Zion.T's "Two Melodies" single slows things down. Minimal piano, bass, and snare instrumentals accompany wry lyrics about being just your typical, obvious love song. "Two Melodies" is the...