Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Charlotte, United StatesWell$ — “Savoir-Faire”
Music Video

Well$ -- "Savoir-Faire"

Well$ and his grandmother rock their Jordans with pride as the North Carolina rapper spits over a funkadelic beat in his video for "Savior-Faire."
London, United KingdomJoel Compass — “Forgive Me”
Music Video

Joel Compass — “Forgive Me”

In the video for “Forgive Me,” London’s Joel compass stands in the middle of a circle of supporting musicians and artful neon lights. The combo adds to the drama of the pleading track.
New York City, United StatesKelis — “Rumble”
Music Video

Kelis — “Rumble”

Kelis isn’t looking for a fight in her video for “Rumble.” She discusses the push and pull of love while sitting in the middle of a lake. It might just be symbolic of how many fish there really are in the sea.
London, United KingdomEllie Goulding — “Beating Heart”
Music Video

Ellie Goulding — “Beating Heart”

In her video for “Beating Heart” from the Divergent soundtrack Ellie Goulding lends her chillingly beautiful voice while two different love stories develop. Transformative synths surround the English pop singer’s vocals in much the same way that she's...
Los Angeles, United StatesHundred Waters — “Cavity”
Music Video

Hundred Waters — “Cavity”

The silhouettes that populate the screen in “Cavity” are unsettling, especially when juxtaposed with the desert at night. Contributing to the disorientation is the disembodied, haunting voice of Hundred Waters’s lead singer Nicole Miglis.