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Los Angeles, United StatesThe Glitch Mob — “Can’t Kill Us”
Music Video

The Glitch Mob -- "Can't Kill Us"

The Glitch Mob's "Can't Kill Us" is like Nine Inch Nails meets dubstep meets the evil, alien black oil from the X-Files. There's something super creepy about the liquid, biological kaleidoscope of the video. Something mutant this way comes.
Sydney, AustraliaWhat So Not — “Jaguar”
Music Video

What So Not -- "Jaguar"

"Jaguar" is a psychedelic, Gondryesque spoof of stardom. What So Not is the supergroup of Flume and Emoh Instead and in the dubsteppy video, the boys get sponsored, outfitted, and hounded by the paparazzi, although they seem to know how to stay
Auckland, New ZealandLADI6 — “Diamonds”
Music Video

LADI6 — “Diamonds”

Bonnie and Clyde don’t have anything on the adorable grifters in Ladi6’s video for “Diamonds.” Like Icarus, Ladi6 flies too close to the sun and pays the ultimate cost for her bad behavior, but tragic story at least has a glorious pop soundtrack.
London, United KingdomPaloma Faith — “Can’t Rely On You”
Music Video

Paloma Faith — “Can’t Rely On You”

Paloma Faith’s “Can’t Rely On You” has the funky swing of “Blurred Lines” (or should we say “Got to Give It Up”) and the vocal oomph of Christina Aguilera. More than anything, she’s giving us déjà vu for Nikka Costa’s “Like A Feather,” down to the...
London, United KingdomFoxes — “Let Go For Tonight”
Music Video

Foxes — “Let Go For Tonight”

Foxes has her first major hit of 2014 in “Let Go for Tonight.” She hosts a “white party” themed dinner that turns into a festival of colors that’ll give you sugar shock. The only no-no in her fab Alice in Tomorrowland happening is one of her party...
New York City, United StatesPhantogram — “Black Out Days”
Music Video

Phantogram — “Black Out Days”

“Black Out Days” is pretty wild. Human forms coat themselves with metallic paint, giving themselves a demonic demeanor. Kids with soulful wolves at their sides stand their ground against them strongly. Lead singer Sarah Barthel withstands the swirling...
Montreal, CanadaYoung Galaxy — “Hard To Tell”
Music Video

Young Galaxy — “Hard To Tell”

Canadian dreampop act Young Galaxy try on a bunch of animal heads in their animated video for “Hard to Tell.” It’s amazing how the different species give off different personality traits. Do we project human emotions onto them or do they have inherent...
London, United KingdomNadine Shah — “Aching Bones”
Music Video

Nadine Shah — “Aching Bones”

Gluttony seems to be the primary cause of Nadine Shah’s aching bones in the second version of the video for “Aching Bones.” The intensity of the British singer’s decadence almost overpowers the song’s piercing piano chords.
Manchester, United KingdomAvec Sans — “Shiver”
Music Video

Avec Sans — “Shiver”

Avec Sans is the project of producer James St. James and singer Alice Fox. Shimmery electropop abounds within the borders of this playfully-animated video.