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Brooklyn, United StatesSan Fermin — “Sonsick”
Music Video

San Fermin -- "Sonsick"

The world that the Brooklynites of San Fermin create in the video for baroque-pop song “Sonsick” is vibrant, otherworldly, and fantastical. Seen through the eyes of a young girl, a simple birthday party turns weird when dogs and adults gluttonously...
Los Angeles, United StatesBanks — “Waiting Game”
Music Video

Banks — “Waiting Game”

LA-based singer Banks has put out the ominous electro-soul track “Waiting Game” in the vein of The Weeknd or James Blake. Its artful video is about being blinded by the spotlight and the majesty of the dust particles that surround us everyday.
London, United KingdomRuby Goe — “A Light”
Music Video

Ruby Goe — “A Light”

The song “A Light” is about power sources and refractions. Ruby’s face is manipulated by futuristic digital glitches, mirroring the experimental distortions of her powerful, soulful singing. Other times, the video is a kaleidoscope, mirroring the range...
London, United KingdomNadine Shah — “Runaway”
Music Video

Nadine Shah — “Runaway”

Nadine Shah hails from the Northeast coast of England. Her song “Runaway” has echoes of PJ Harvey in its slightly angsty, empowering indie rock. The black-and-white video finds her wandering around a cityscape, but leaving a trail behind in order to be...
Brooklyn, United StatesJ. Viewz — “Far Too Close”
Music Video

J. Viewz — “Far Too Close”

A YouTube comment for “Far Too Close” is way too fitting not to repost: “I feel like this video is referencing to Footloose or Dirty Dancing or some type of movie but I'm not old enough to get the reference.” The Israeli pop artist J. Viewz is, indeed,...
Melbourne, AustraliaChela — “Romanticise”
Music Video

Chela — “Romanticise”

Aussie electropop newcomer Chela gets physical in “Romanticise” off her new EP available via Kitsuné. The singer shows off some sweet dance floor moves using some retro green screen technology.
Stockholm, SwedenAvicii — “You Make Me”
Music Video

Avicii — “You Make Me”

There’s a lot going on in Avicii’s video for “You Make Me”: roller skating, martial arts, comic book style embellishments, and a budding romance between two ridiculously good-looking people.
Phoenix, United StatesFayuca — “Por Que Seguir”
Music Video

Fayuca — “Por Que Seguir”

Phoenix-based band Fayuca create a politically-charged video for “Por Que Seguir.” The wrestler/luchador masks that they wear show off their Mexican pride while they indite the government for systematic oppression.