Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Melbourne, AustraliaIlly — “Tightrope”
Music Video

Illy -- "Tightrope"

Australian rapper Illy rows a boat while spitting verses in “Tightrope.” Scarlett Stevens sings her verses, looking to take him down. She got aim?
Sydney, AustraliaThe Holidays — “Home”
Music Video

The Holidays — “Home”

Australian indie band The Holidays infuses “Home” with chip-tune’s bounce and synthy levity, bridging the gap between rock and pop. The songs’ video is about the disenchantment and the dislocation one feels while travelling the city.
London, United KingdomPandr Eyez — “Cinematic”
Music Video

Pandr Eyez — “Cinematic”

When you name a song, “Cinematic,” you better bring your A game to the video. Pandr Eyez takes the spooky grandeur of their music to the screen by examining a chilly scene in a Catholic church.