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Los Angeles, United StatesBleached — “Love Spells”
Music Video

Bleached -- "Love Spells"

American post-punk duo Bleached throw a supernatural party in the woods in their video for "Love Spells." Grab some goth makeup and do the monster mash!
Stockholm, SwedenI Break Horses — “Faith”
Music Video

I Break Horses -- "Faith"

The Swedish rock band I Break Horses offers up a black-and-white video to accompany their track "Faith." Those featured in the clip expose their vulnerabilities both literally and figuratively. Watch them let go of it all.
Glasgow, United KingdomChvrches — “Lies”
Music Video

Chvrches — “Lies”

Chvrches are on a roll that seems to be unstoppable. “Lies” is yet another hit-maker for them, this time focusing on scary corporate overlords. The video has amazing direction, looking like it’s straight out of a Cold War noir movie.
Cape Town, South AfricaGoodluck — “Trickery”
Music Video

Goodluck — “Trickery”

Goodluck’s video for “Trickery” follows a young boy who is mourning the death of his older brother. As a way to grapple with the loss, the boy is determined to enter a skateboarding competition. Everyone doubts him, but he’s convinced he knows how to...
Melbourne, AustraliaOscar Key Sung — “All I Could Do”
Music Video

Oscar Key Sung — “All I Could Do”

Combine one part Tomb Raider, one part Greek Theater, one part seapunk, and a dash of cyber-absurdism and you’ve got the video for “All I Could Do.” The Aussie singer combines vocal house and How To Dress Well-like vocals for a track that warms like...
Cape Town, South AfricaJack Parow — “P.A.R.T.Y”
Music Video

Jack Parow — “P.A.R.T.Y”

South African rapper Jack Parow packs 10 weekends worth of fun times into the video for his Afrikaansglish anthem "P.A.R.T.Y." Roll the clip to see him ghost ride a golf cart.
Stockholm, SwedenNaomi Pilgrim — “No Gun”
Music Video

Naomi Pilgrim — “No Gun”

Tied to a flawless modern pop track, Naomi Pilgrim's mellifluous rumination on the bitterness and sweetness of life adds tension to a quiet scene in this video for "No Gun."
London, United KingdomPhoenix Martins — “Sideways”
Music Video

Phoenix Martins — “Sideways”

Ethereal, thy name is Phoenix Martins. Get wisped away in the video for "Sideways," where the London singer sits pretty as the subject of a living, breathing, cooing art installation.
Melbourne, AustraliaL-FRESH The LION — “Faithful”
Music Video

L-FRESH The LION — “Faithful”

Australian rapper L-FRESH The LION spits bars filled with hope against a beat with a subtle yet, prominent kick drum in his video for “Faithful” that captures many smiling faces.