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Birmingham, United KingdomSubb-an — “Say No More” f/ S.Y.F.
Music Video

Subb-an -- "Say No More" f/ S.Y.F.

The song is compelling, but British house artist Subb-an has created an even more enthralling video for “Say No More.” Intriguing special effects and singer S.Y.F keep you entertained.
London, United KingdomTOY — “It’s Been So Long”
Music Video

TOY — “It’s Been So Long”

The British indie rock band TOY is kind of known for the use of color in their videos. “It’s Been So Long” is no exception. From the beginning, it feels like looking through a prism on a sunny day. Colors change rapidly and the shapes they form follow...
Alor Setar, MalaysiaYuna — “Falling”
Music Video

Yuna — “Falling”

A beat imitating a ticking clock adds a nice dynamic to Yuna’s video for “Falling.” The Malaysian singer looks fly as always, sharing the frame with a couple of dancers and exotic animals.
Austin, United StatesNight Drive — “After Dark”
Music Video

Night Drive — “After Dark”

Texan electronic pop duo Night Drive tackle the werewolf phenomenon in the video for their track “After Dark.” Almost as hypnotizing as a full moon, the song’s subtle vocals and vacillating beat take the night.
New York City, United StatesMaxine Ashley — “Perpetual Nights”
Music Video

Maxine Ashley — “Perpetual Nights”

Bronx songstress Maxine Ashley employs some visual trickery in her video for “Perpetual Nights,” produced by Pharrell Williams, who also happens to make a cameo. If her wardrobe changes aren't enough to sustain your attention, the ever-changing...
Stockholm, SwedenHolograms — “Lay Us Down”
Music Video

Holograms — “Lay Us Down”

The Swedish band Holograms takes a quasi-religious approach in their video for “Lay Us Down.” The black-and-white cut examines symbols of death and the sublime for their indie punk anthem.
Sydney, AustraliaElizabeth Rose — “Sensibility”
Music Video

Elizabeth Rose — “Sensibility”

Australia’s Elizabeth Rose channel flips between found footage and her profile filtered through a kaleidoscope in “Sensibility.” The bouncy pop track is sure to hold your attention without interruption.
Chicago, United StatesKrewella — “Enjoy the Ride”
Music Video

Krewella — “Enjoy the Ride”

EDM trio Krewella chose the subconscious of a magical and adventurous young circus dancer as the setting for “Enjoy The Ride.” Once again, they prove that outcasts know how to party.
London, United KingdomExample — “Kids Again”
Music Video

Example — “Kids Again”

Remember the pool parties, the food fights, and the overall carefree life you led as a kid? In “Kids Again,” British singer Example reenacts those moments with three of his best buds. The EDM feel of the song is almost as fun as the day they spent.