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Moscow, RussiaPompeya — “YAHTBMF”
Music Video

Pompeya — “YAHTBMF”

Capturing bromance is incredibly difficult. Too often brotherly love is portrayed as either brutish or emasculating. Russian indie pop band Pompeya has accomplished a rare feat in the ultra-adorable video for their catchy-as-all-hell song...
Paris, FranceLa Femme — “It’s Time To Wake Up”
Music Video

La Femme — “It’s Time To Wake Up”

French sextet La Femme channels classic French yéyé and '60s surf rock while keeping their road trip super casual in the video for “It’s Time to Wake Up.” Some sleepy-eyed organ and a little tambourine goes a long way.
Sydney, AustraliaBoy & Bear — “Southern Sun”
Music Video

Boy & Bear — “Southern Sun”

Australia’s Boy & Bear’s “Southern Sun” hints at the smoothness of late '70s yacht rock while still being modern. Check out the video for the always pleasurable, slate-colored landscapes of New Zealand.
Osaka, JapanCrossfaith — “Eclipse”
Music Video

Crossfaith — “Eclipse”

Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith shows what rebellion looks like in the touchscreen age in “Eclipse.” They’ve got their guitars, synths and amps set to clip, a fancy auto, and a rage against the machine.
Brooklyn, United StatesPhosphorescent — “Ride On/Right On”
Music Video

Phosphorescent — “Ride On/Right On”

Singer-songwriter Matthew Houck is Phosphorescent. In the video for “Ride On/Right On,” he brings us into a world where he could be some sort of honky tonk private dancer until the major reveal about his location and a hint about when the video was...
Alor Setar, MalaysiaYuna — “I Wanna Go”
Music Video

Yuna — “I Wanna Go”

Malaysian singer Yuna is so captivating that the three minutes spent watching her every move as she sings the lovely tune “I Wanna Go” are worth every second.
London, United KingdomVibe Squad — “Come Over”
Music Video

Vibe Squad — “Come Over”

UK Afrobeats duo Vibe Squad present the dark side of fame and relationships in the video for “Come Over.” Even with the video’s heavy theme, the track’s sexy dancehall flavor ensures overall good times.
Blitz the Ambassador — “Dikembe”
Music Video

Blitz the Ambassador — “Dikembe”

Ghanaian rapper calls out all haters and reps his homeland hard in “Dikembe,” a tribute to another African ambassador and the greatest NBA shot blocker of all time. He once again shows off his skills as a diplomat in the video, making new friends in...
Lagos, NigeriaBez — “Say”
Music Video

Bez — “Say”

Harlem is one of the classiest backdrops you could ever use for a video. Nigerian singer-songwriter Bez uses its architectural details and creative legacy for the video for “Say.” He sounds and looks like a perfect gentleman as he sweeps a fine lady off...
Auckland, New ZealandLorde — “Royals”
Music Video

Lorde — “Royals”

New Zealand’s Lorde sings about fantasies of luxe life in “Royals” while its video depicts the beauty in the monotony of everyday teen life. Her voice sounds golden over a bare bass-and-snap R&B beat.