Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Paris, FranceParis with Onra

Paris with Onra

In this episode Fool's Gold signed hip-hop beatmaker Onra escorts Jasmine around his home base of Paris, France. They visit Thai Vien, one of Onra's favorite restaurants in Chinatown, a venerable record shop called Croco Disc in Paris's old Latin...
New York City, United StatesMaluca Wears New York with Attitude

Maluca Wears New York with Attitude

What does it take to wear anything you want and always look amazing? Bronx-raised Dominican vocalist Maluca Mala knows and in this short she tells us the secret. Here's a hint: "You don't need to have money."
Brooklyn, United StatesStudio Secrets of Bonobo

Studio Secrets of Bonobo

Brooklyn-based British music producer Simon Green AKA Bonobo took us down to his studio and deconstructed his track “Cirrus,” from his new album The North Borders, revealing everything that goes into it. Ingredients may include: Real thumb pianos,...
Quebec, CanadaA Mark Sultan Elevator Surprise

A Mark Sultan Elevator Surprise

It’s 9:00. You get your coffee, walk into your office building, and step into the elevator, fully expecting a normal, boring 10-second ride to your floor. But what if the elevator had been transformed into a tiny, tiny stage? Yes, we know you’ve...
Johannesburg, South AfricaSpoek Mathambo Takes Over A NYC Street

Spoek Mathambo Takes Over A NYC Street

Lights, Cameras, Currywurst! Residents got more than they bargained for when South African MC Spoek Mathambo invaded a Greenwich Village storefront with his eclectic Afrobeats. Watch the exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of the MTV Iggy crew...
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 Explores New York City!

2NE1 Explores New York City!

After being voted MTV Iggy's Best New Band in the World, 2NE1 flew over to New York City to perform live in Times Square for the very first time! Before taking the stage at MTV Iggy's Best New Band Concert, the four ladies of K-pop's fiercest girl group...