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Dublin, IrelandKodaline — “One Day”
Music Video

Kodaline -- "One Day"

Nothing lasts forever. After the initial excitement about an event die downs, complacency may set in. But in the video for “One Day,” members of the Irish rock band Kodaline remind viewers that even though the confetti may have fallen a long time ago,...
New York City, United StatesNiia — “Generation Blue”
Music Video

Niia -- "Generation Blue"

Niia is hiding behind a burning page of The New York Times in her black and white video for “Generation Blue.” In time, there’s no longer newsprint to guard the American singer, exposing her for all to see. Are you part of “Generation Blue”?
Melbourne, AustraliaBanoffee — “Reign Down”
Music Video

Banoffee — “Reign Down”

In her video for “Reign Down,” Australian singer Banoffee incites the people she encounters to break into dance. Her entrancing voice and the song’s hip-hop production brings merriment to an otherwise normal day.
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaKumbia Queers — “Gascon”
Music Video

Kumbia Queers — “Gascon”

Toxic relationships can change how you experience time and space. Set in Buenos Aires, the video for Kumbia Queers’ “Gascon” has echoes of how filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai depicted the same city as a magnet for loneliness in his movie Happy Together. “Gascon”...
Wellington, New ZealandShapeshifter — “Endless”
Music Video

Shapeshifter — “Endless”

New Zealand’s Shapeshifter chose Japan as the site for their soulful drum and bass track “Endless.” Fine alcohol beverages are prominently featured in scenes from a hole-in-the-wall bar, the journey of a young boy who likes Transformers, a wandering...
Tokyo, JapanThe Bonez — “Thread and Needle”
Music Video

The Bonez — “Thread and Needle”

Japanese band The Bonez, fronted by Jesse McFaddin, rock out in their rooftop vid for "Threads & Needles." Skyscrapers, waterfronts, and sunsets all have a place in this high energy cinematic creation.
London, United KingdomDrox — “Mercy” f/ Eva
Music Video

Drox — “Mercy” f/ Eva

UK producer Drox links up with Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah in the wine-filled video for “Mercy.” Against a white backdrop, Eva spits her verses in a way that let’s viewers know what she’s about and what she’s working so hard towards.
Reykjavík, IcelandÁsgeir — “Torrent”
Music Video

Ásgeir — “Torrent”

Ásgeir presents a somewhat blurred and obscured black-and-white video for “Torrent.” The camera goes in and out of focus on the Icelandic singer as he stands mostly stagnant with events happening around him.
Brooklyn, United StatesBlank Paper — “Ambien”
Music Video

Blank Paper — “Ambien”

Ironically the video for Blank Paper’s “Ambien” is not sleepy at all. There are people being followed, drugs being exchanged, and people murdered. It’s kind of like a really short crime flick that the members of this electronic pop band decided to...
Los Angeles, United StatesKaskade/Project 46 — “Last Chance”
Music Video

Kaskade/Project 46 — “Last Chance”

“Last Chance” by Kaskade and Canada’s Project 46 (Thomas Shaw and Ryan Henderson) features a swimming sequence, which is part-drowning/part-baptism. Fighting against bad memories, a woman draped in white is motivated by the song’s message of...
Sydney, AustraliaThe Jezabels — “Look of Love”
Music Video

The Jezabels — “Look of Love”

Six different people display their looks of love in the video for "Look of Love": Puppy love, dysfunctional love, and somewhere-in-between love are all showcased in this cut by the Australian rock band.
Copenhagen, DenmarkMØ — “Don’t Wanna Dance”
Music Video

MØ — “Don’t Wanna Dance”

MØ's "Don't Wanna Dance" is a misnomer; the video involves a whole lot of dancing in the curious setting of a junkyard. The Danish singer and her lady friends are queens of the night, and scrap metal.