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Los Angeles, United StatesKaskade/Project 46 — “Last Chance”
Music Video

Kaskade/Project 46 -- "Last Chance"

“Last Chance” by Kaskade and Canada’s Project 46 (Thomas Shaw and Ryan Henderson) features a swimming sequence, which is part-drowning/part-baptism. Fighting against bad memories, a woman draped in white is motivated by the song’s message of...
Sydney, AustraliaThe Jezabels — “Look of Love”
Music Video

The Jezabels -- "Look of Love"

Six different people display their looks of love in the video for "Look of Love": Puppy love, dysfunctional love, and somewhere-in-between love are all showcased in this cut by the Australian rock band.
Copenhagen, DenmarkMØ — “Don’t Wanna Dance”
Music Video

MØ — “Don’t Wanna Dance”

MØ's "Don't Wanna Dance" is a misnomer; the video involves a whole lot of dancing in the curious setting of a junkyard. The Danish singer and her lady friends are queens of the night, and scrap metal.
Copenhagen, DenmarkWhomadewho — “The Morning”
Music Video

Whomadewho — “The Morning”

For WhoMadeWho's visual for "The Morning" the Danish band got fans to submit pictures and video of their rise and shine moments and used them in this creative video. Some fans planned their snapshot with care, while others were certainly caught before...
London, United KingdomColo — “Holidays”
Music Video

Colo — “Holidays”

Boredom is a weird feeling. In some ways, it can be massively annoying to feel like nothing is interesting enough to occupy your time. But sometimes, getting lost in the mundane nature of it all can be a relief. In "Holidays," we trail a young women...
Los Angeles, United StatesThe Glitch Mob — “Can’t Kill Us”
Music Video

The Glitch Mob — “Can’t Kill Us”

The Glitch Mob's "Can't Kill Us" is like Nine Inch Nails meets dubstep meets the evil, alien black oil from the X-Files. There's something super creepy about the liquid, biological kaleidoscope of the video. Something mutant this way comes.
Sydney, AustraliaWhat So Not — “Jaguar”
Music Video

What So Not — “Jaguar”

"Jaguar" is a psychedelic, Gondryesque spoof of stardom. What So Not is the supergroup of Flume and Emoh Instead and in the dubsteppy video, the boys get sponsored, outfitted, and hounded by the paparazzi, although they seem to know how to stay
Auckland, New ZealandLADI6 — “Diamonds”
Music Video

LADI6 — “Diamonds”

Bonnie and Clyde don’t have anything on the adorable grifters in Ladi6’s video for “Diamonds.” Like Icarus, Ladi6 flies too close to the sun and pays the ultimate cost for her bad behavior, but tragic story at least has a glorious pop soundtrack.
London, United KingdomPaloma Faith — “Can’t Rely On You”
Music Video

Paloma Faith — “Can’t Rely On You”

Paloma Faith’s “Can’t Rely On You” has the funky swing of “Blurred Lines” (or should we say “Got to Give It Up”) and the vocal oomph of Christina Aguilera. More than anything, she’s giving us déjà vu for Nikka Costa’s “Like A Feather,” down to the...