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Toronto, CanadaThe Beaches — “Little Pieces”
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The Beaches — “Little Pieces”

Toronto-based fem-rockers The Beaches could care less about dolls, malls, modern dance, or whatever else gender-normative crap you want to throw at them. In “Little Pieces,” friends and bandmates bond over being creative, magical, rage-filled souls.
London, United KingdomEzi Emela — “Broken”
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Ezi Emela — “Broken”

Sometimes you don’t need to make a big deal about your mistakes. You can just ask for forgiveness nicely. Especially if you look like the UK’s Ezi Emela, who can sing and saunter her way back into her lover’s heart in “Broken.”
Detroit, United StatesDanny Brown — “25 Bucks” f/ Purity Ring
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Danny Brown — “25 Bucks” f/ Purity Ring

There are some cultures that believe photographs capture a part of your soul. Danny Brown and Purity Ring ramble around a house frozen in time in the video for “25 Bucks.” Lyrically, they try to capture the difficult realities experienced by the people...