Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Madrid, SpainRussian Red — “John Michael”
Music Video

Russian Red -- "John Michael"

In this black-and-white visual for “John Michael” Spanish singer-songwriter Russian Red uses her killer voice to spin a tale of troubled love. The music itself also takes us back with its '80s feel.
Nittedal, NorwayBernhoft — “Come Around”
Music Video

Bernhoft -- "Come Around"

The video for Bernhoft’s “Come Around” will leave you with a spring in your step as you hum the tune. It may also make you want to take a dip in the pool. But before you take that dive, be sure to hear how perfectly Bernhoft’s raspy voice blends with...
Chicago, United StatesVic Mensa — “Down On My Luck”
Music Video

Vic Mensa — “Down On My Luck”

Ever wish you could redo something in order to get a better outcome? Chicago rapper Vic Mensa does so in his trippy video for “Down On My Luck.” House meets hip-hop on this entrancing track that has faith that do-overs can bring good fortune.
Toronto, CanadaThe Beaches — “Little Pieces”
Music Video

The Beaches — “Little Pieces”

Toronto-based fem-rockers The Beaches could care less about dolls, malls, modern dance, or whatever else gender-normative crap you want to throw at them. In “Little Pieces,” friends and bandmates bond over being creative, magical, rage-filled souls.